2024 KTM XC-W Lineup Review – Specs

The 2024 KTM XC-W lineup, consisting of headlight-equipped two-stroke off-road racebikes, undergoes a comprehensive reboot, introducing significant updates and improvements. The lineup includes three models: the 150 XC-W, 250 XC-W, and 300 XC-W. While these motorcycles share the same new chassis, the motors and chassis setups are tailored to meet the specific needs of each model. Let’s delve into the key features and innovations introduced for the 2024 models.

250 XC-W.

The fuel injection system for the 2024 KTM XC-W lineup is all-new, and used by all three engines. The Transfer Port Injection (TPI) system introduced in 2018 is replaced by a more familiar Throttle Body Injection (TBI) system. Two new injectors are used in stages, with a finer fuel spray for cleaner running and reduced fuel consumption. A 39mm Keihin throttle body is used with a Vitesco ECU that monitors the throttle position, rpm, crankcase pressure, atmospheric pressure, air temperature, and coolant temperature to deliver the optimum air/fuel charge to the motor. Oil injection is standard, with the oil filler cap just above the cap for the new translucent 2.37-gallon fuel tank—no premixing.

Feeding the new EFI is a new airbox. With new inlet ducts, air flows more smoothly into the airbox. This makes the airflow more consistent, which aids in steady power delivery. No tools are needed to access the Twin Air filter from the left side of the bike, and the airbox sealing is improved.

150 XC-W.

Each XC-W has two power modes, but you must buy a Map Select Switch to use them. If you choose to not purchase the magic switch, your XC-W will run in a power mode (Map 1) tuned for a smoother, linear power delivery. The Map Select Switch gives you access to Map 2, which provides a more aggressive throttle response. The switch uses a white light to indicate Map 1, and a green light lets you know the hard-hitting Map 2 is engaged. Expect to pay your local dealer around $150 for the switch.

There’s a new reed case with superior sealing. New plastic flaps better seal the intact tract. According to a KTM insider, the result is better fueling on steep grades—up or downhill—as bogging or rich running is eliminated.

300 XC-W.

The power valve’s position is now computer controlled and electronically adjusted. Rather than a mechanically operated power valve, the setup on the 2024 XC-W lineup has a self-calibrating system controlled by the Keihin Engine Management System (EMS). The throttle position and engine speed determine the position of the power valve, with the programming designed to produce a smooth, linear power delivery.

KTM redesigned the expansion chamber on the 2024 KTM XC-W lineup. The size of the exhaust header was reduced to increase ground clearance in ruts, and make contact with on-track obstructions less likely. The aluminum muffler is also smaller, and the body a stylish black.

250 XC-W.

Say goodbye to troublesome fuses and relays. KTM has put an all-new Offroad Control Unit (OCU) on the ’24 XC-Ws. Placed under the seat, the OCU has lights to tell you if any electronic components are working (green) or failing (red). If a component fails, the OCU cuts power to just that unit.

Should you crash a KTM XC-W, the engine automatically shuts off. A Rollover Sensor (ROS) tells the EMS that the bike is down, and that the motor should shut off. The KTM motocrossers have had this feature. However, the latest unit is smaller. Electric start is standard across the three bikes, so you can get running again quickly. Adding a kickstarter is no longer an option on the XC-Ws—it’s e-start only.

150 XC-W.

The engine cases on the 2024 KTM 250 XC-W and 300 XC-W are identical, while the 150 XC-W gets its own cases. However, they have the same engine mounting points, so both cases fit properly in the new XC-W frame. A new polyamide composite skidplate protects the cases from damage.

The new chromoly frame for the ’24 XC-W lineup uses the latest manufacturing technology—hydroforming, laser cutting, and robot welding. Torsional and longitudinal flex have been adjusted, with our KTM source telling us it has “exceptional rider feedback, energy absorption, and straight-line stability.” The XC-Ws get their own parallel frame mounts for flex characteristics enhancements, and consideration of rotating mass position is part of the package.

WP Xplor shock.

There’s a new upper shock mount, plus thicker frame walls. KTM has focused on strengthening the frame in the steering head (now forged), shock mounts, and other high-stress areas. The shock mount has its own structure rather than being connected to the main frame. This reduces forces to the chassis and the rider, and reduces squatting under acceleration.

The lower shock mount is on a new die-cast aluminum swingarm that is hollow. Again, KTM engineers worked to get the desired flex characteristics, focusing on needed rigidity. Weight is down nearly seven ounces. To counteract the stiffer swingarm, the rear axle diameter has been reduced to 22mm. The swingarm also has a new chainguard that is boot-friendly and designed to prevent dirt buildup. Also, there are now chain adjustment markings on the top of the swingarm to speed chain adjustment, thanks to improved visibility.

300 XC-W.

KTM engineered moved the footpeg mounts inward, while giving the rider a larger platform for boots. The design of the mount and footpeg is intended to reduce the likelihood of catching on the track in deep ruts.

The frame is powdercoated black and has a new proprietary texture. This gives the rider a better grip on the chassis.

250 XC-W.

The 2024 XC-Ws get the two-piece subframe we’ve seen on the motocross models. The top portion of the structure is polyamide, while the bottom is cast aluminum. It is designed to flex in a crash and return to its original position. The entire subframe weighs just four pounds.

The front end of the new XC-W lineup is all new, from the handlebar down, though let’s start with the all-new fork. The new WP Xact spring fork with closed cartridge damping and a new mid-valve piston concept. The new design reduces fork oil cavitation, which results in more-consistent damping throughout a race. A new hydro stop reduces bottoming by firming up the compression damping in the final 2.7 inches of the fork stroke. Damping adjustability uses hand-adjustable clickers at each end of each fork leg. KTM claims this allows rider “to change settings on the fly,” though we’re pretty sure you’ll need to stop to make adjustments. Regardless, tools are not needed to tune the fork damping. The Xact fork is nearly a half-inch longer than last year, and travel is increased by almost one-third of an inch.

150 XC-W.

Forged triple clamps are paired with a high-flex steering stem and a new handlebar mount. KTM did this to make the front end more forgiving, and to reduce rider fatigue by allowing the stem to absorb impacts. The new bar mount has more clamping area, and the tapered aluminum Neken handlebar is also new. The bar bend is the same as on the SX models, and is KTM’s design. To protect the rider when thrown forward, the size of the bar mount pad has increased.

WP Xact fork.

The WP Xplor PDS shock is also a new design. Inside, there’s a new main piston designed to move more oil and keep damping consistent, and new bearing seals have a longer life. Unlike the fork, the shock is shortened by nearly a half inch, and the stroke reduced by a bit less than one-tenth of an inch, though there is still 12.2 inches of rear wheel travel. Weight is reduced by a substantial 13.4 ounces. Like the fork, damping adjustments are done by hand—the compression clicker is on the top of the shock, and rebound on the bottom. Spring preload adjustment requires an Allen wrench to open the securing ring. The six-pound-lighter 150 XC-W gets a softer spring than the spring shared by the 250 XC-W and 300 XC-W.

300 XC-W.

New ergonomics give the rider more contact points with the XC-W. When standing on the pegs, the rider’s knees now have better contact with the bike. The rider sits on a new grippier seat cover with the foam having a flatter profile. The rear fender is easier to grab near the airbox when moving the bike around, while the front fender has fins to direct mud away from the rider and radiator. There’s also a new one-piece forged kickstand, while a new LED headlight is claimed to be four times brighter for the darkest woods and after-dark riding.

KTM has not announced list prices for the 2024 XC-W lineup (update—the prices are in the specs). As you can see, the 2024 KTM 300 XC-W, 250 XC-W, and 150 XC-W are available in one colorway, with plenty of orange and a touch of retro purple. We will have tests of all three ’24 XC-W models soon. 

2024 KTM 300 XC-W, 250 XC-W, and 150 XC-W Specs


  • Type: Single-cylinder 2-stroke
  • Displacement: 300: 293cc; 250: 249cc; 150: 144cc
  • Bore x stroke: 300: 72mm x 72mm; 250: 66.4 x 72mm; 150: 58 x 54mm
  • Fueling: Keihin EMS w/ 39mm throttle body
  • Cooling: Liquid
  • Starting: Electric
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Clutch: 300 and 250: Wet-multiplate Damped Diaphragm Steel w/ Brembo hydraulics; 150: Wet-multiplate Diaphragm Steel w/ Brembo hydraulics
  • Final drive: 520 X-ring chain


  • Frame: Double-cradle chromoly steel
  • Subframe: Polyamide reinforced w/ aluminum
  • Handlebar: Neken tapered aluminum
  • Front suspension; travel: Fully adjustable 48mm inverted WP Xact fork; 11.8 inches
  • Rear suspension; travel: Linkage-less, fully adjustable WP Xplor piggyback-reservoir shock w/ progressive damping; 12.2 inches
  • Wheels: Giant
  • Front wheel: 21 x 1.60
  • Rear wheel: 18 x 2.15
  • Front tire: 80/100 x 21; Dunlop Geomax MX33
  • Rear tire: 110/100 x 18; Dunlop Geomax AT81
  • Front brake: 260mm disc w/ Brembo caliper
  • Rear brake: 220mm disc w/ Brembo caliper


  • Wheelbase: 58.6 inches
  • Rake: 26.1 degrees
  • Triple clamp offset: 22mm
  • Seat height: 37.9 inches
  • Ground clearance: 14.7 inches
  • Fuel tank capacity: 2.4 gallons
  • Wet weights: 300 and 250: 236 pounds; 150: 230 pounds
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