2024 Kawasaki Z E-1 Review – Specs

The all-new battery-powered 2024 Kawasaki Z e-1 ABS is an electric motorcycle designed for urban mobility. While it has upright sportbike styling, its capabilities more closely match a scooter. With that in mind, let’s see what this new motorcycle is all about—there is a lot to learn.

The claimed range of the 2024 Kawasaki Z e-1 is 41 miles, and the continuous top speed is 49 mph. Those two specs tell you that you’ll be riding it within the city limits most of the time.

The Z e-1 uses two swappable batteries. The 25.3-pound, 50.4-volt lithium-ion batteries live below the storage box (more on that later), and each has a capacity of 30 amp-hours. To remove the battery, simply unlock and open the storage box cover and the battery cover, and pull the batteries out for off-bike charging, though they can be charged while installed in the e-1. The bike can be ridden with one battery, though at lower power.

It takes 100 minutes to charge each battery from 20 percent charge to 85 percent of capacity. Charging from flat to completely full takes 3.7 hours, though rarely does an EV owner run a battery down to zero capacity, and 100 percent is usually not needed. The batteries charge one at a time, so you’ll need a second charger to fill both batteries up with electrons simultaneously. Whether on or off the Z e-1, Kawasaki recommends charging the batteries in dry conditions. A regenerative braking system helps extend the range of the e-1, with disc brakes at the ready.

Getting ready to ride is a simple process. Turn the Z e-1 on, and it’s in neutral. When the kickstand is retracted, push the Drive Ready button. The drive indicator changes from N (neutral) to D (drive), and a light is illuminated to tell you the throttle is live. When you deploy the kickstand, the Z e-1 goes into neutral automatically.

The powertrain is a traditional one-speed design. Like a scooter, it’s simply twist-and-go. There is no clutch or multi-speed gearbox, though there is reverse.

There are two power modes—Road and Eco. The Eco mode uses one battery, so performance is reduced. When only one battery is installed, the Eco mode is automatically selected. The top speed in Road mode is 49 mph, and 35 mph in Eco mode.

When you need to accelerate quickly or attain a higher top speed, the 2024 Kawasaki Z e-1 has an ace in the hole: e-boost. Push the e-boost button on the right handlebar, and for 15 seconds, you get extra power. In addition to faster acceleration, the top speed in Road mode increases to 65 mph, and you can hit 42 mph in the Eco mode. Once you push the e-boost button, the dash has a countdown to let you know how much longer you have the extra power. You can engage e-boost on-the-fly for passing, or at a stop for getting away quickly when the traffic light turns green.

At the other end of the performance spectrum is the Walk mode. With the Z e-1 stopped and the throttle off, pressing a button on the left handlebar invokes Walk mode. The dash turns red, so you know you’re in Walk mode, which limits the speed to 3.1 mph. Pushing the throttle forward, past the stop indent, puts the Z e-1 in reverse, with a maximum speed of 1.8 mph.

The 4.3-inch TFT dash tracks and displays all pertinent information and settings, from battery charge level to maintenance schedule. As you’d expect, the dash pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth with Rideology The App Motorcycle installed on your iOS or Android device.

The chassis is patterned after the Kawasaki Z400, with a trellis frame, traditional fork, and linkage-assisted shock. It’s not the same frame as the Z400, but Z400 riders will find the ergonomics familiar, as will the handling due to the 24.4 degrees of rake, 54-inch wheelbase, 31-inch seat height, and sub-300-pound curb weight. If the seat height feels too low, Kawasaki offers a high seat that is 1.1 inches taller.

An Easter egg on the Kawasaki Z e-1 is the storage box. Lacking a fuel tank, that area on the motorcycle is freed up for a 1.3-gallon storage box. Kawasaki claims the box is for “small items” weighing a total of 6.6 pounds or less. Under the seat, a charging adapter and U-lock can be carried.

Dealers are taking orders for the 2024 Kawasaki Z e-1 ABS, which has a list price of $7299. Delivery may be as soon as this month, though check with your Kawasaki dealer. Selecting the color will be easy, as there’s just one colorway: Metallic Bright Silver / Metallic Matte Lime Green / Ebony. Oh, and the Z has a fraternal twin worth checking out—the 2024 Kawasaki Ninja e-1 ABS.

2024 Kawasaki Z e-1 and Ninja e-1 Specs

MSRP: $7,299 (Z e-1) / $7,599 (Ninja e-1)
Motor: PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor)
Rated Capacity: N/A
Maximum Speed: 65 mph (w/ e-boost)
Battery: Lithium-ion 30Ah x2
Voltage: 50.4V
Charging Type: N/A
Charge Time: 7.4 hr.
Transmission: 1-speed, internal, motorcycle-style reduction gears
Final Drive: Chain
Frame: Steel trellis
Front Suspension: 41mm telescopic fork; 4.7 in. travel
Rear Suspension: Monoshock, spring preload adjustable; 5.2 in. travel
Front Brake: 2-piston caliper, hydraulic w/ 290mm disc
Rear Brake: 2-piston caliper, hydraulic w/ 220mm disc
Wheels, Front/Rear: 17 in./17 in.
Tires, Front/Rear: 100/80-17 / 130/70-17
Steering Head Angle/Trail: 24.4°/3.7 in.
Wheelbase: 53.9 in. (1,369mm)
Ground Clearance: 6.7 in. (170mm)
Claimed Seat Height: 30.9 in. (785mm)
Claimed Wet Weight: 298 lb. (Z e-1) / 309 lb. (Ninja e-1)
Contact: kawasaki.com
2024 Kawasaki Z E 1 Review + Specs
2024 Kawasaki Z E 1 Review + Specs
2024 Kawasaki Z E 1 Review + Specs
2024 Kawasaki Z E 1 Review + Specs
2024 Kawasaki Z E 1 Review + Specs
2024 Kawasaki Z E 1 Review + Specs
2024 Kawasaki Z E 1 Review + Specs
2024 Kawasaki Z E 1 Review + Specs
2024 Kawasaki Z E 1 Review + Specs
2024 Kawasaki Z E 1 Review + Specs
2024 Kawasaki Z E 1 Review + Specs
2024 Kawasaki Z E 1 Review + Specs
2024 Kawasaki Z E 1 Review + Specs
2024 Kawasaki Z E 1 Review + Specs
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