2024 BMW R 1300 GS Review – Specs

Undergoing a comprehensive transformation, the 2024 BMW R 1300 GS, the flagship GS, reveals a sleek design that only subtly echoes the robust big-bore GS models of yesteryears. Representing a complete overhaul from top to bottom and front to back, this iteration is entirely novel, inviting enthusiasts to settle into a comfortable seat for a detailed exploration. While presented in a succinct format, these Fast Facts are abundant, reflecting the extensive updates and innovations incorporated into this new model.

While still a boxer, the all-new motor is the most potent GS powerplant yet. With a 3mm-longer stroke and 4mm-wider bore in the two jugs, the displacement gets a 46cc boost to an even 1300cc. Additionally, the compression ratio is bumped up to 13.3:1 from 12.5:1. The dual-profile ShiftCam is back, with the intake valves’ diameter increasing 4mm to 44mm and the exhaust valves moving from 34mm to 35.6mm. The result is peak power up nine horsepower to 145 horsepower at 7750 rpm, with the torque peak staying steady at 150 ft-lbs, though it hits 250 rpm later. Cooling is still a mixture of liquid and air, and the 1300 motor is 8.5 pounds lighter than the 1250.

BMW moved the boxer’s transmission. Instead of being behind the engine, the six-speed gearbox is now below it. With shorter transmission shafts, the assembly’s weight is down nearly four pounds and nearer the center of gravity. A wet multiplate clutch is aided by a slipper function and hydraulic actuation. Power is sent to the shaft drive via two spur gears, with a vibration damper integrated into one of the gears. An improved quickshifter is optional.

Four ride modes are standard. The standard 2024 BMW R 1300 GS has Road, Enduro, Rain, and Eco modes. Each is aptly named, with the Eco mode designed to eke out as many miles as possible from the five-gallon fuel tank.

Spring for Riding Modes Pro and you unlock three more modes—Dynamic, Dynamic Pro, and Enduro Pro. Dynamic and Dynamic Pro are designed for use on paved roads, while Enduro Pro optimizes performance in the dirt. Riding Modes Pro also allows you to pair up two of the seven available modes for quick switching between the two you pick, rather than requiring access to the menu and scrolling through seven modes.

The ride modes do more than adjust the power. The different modes also influence how much traction control and engine braking is delivered. In Enduro Pro, for instance, traction control is turned off, while TC is at its maximum setting in Road, Rain, and Eco modes.

“Honey, I shrunk the GS!” Here’s how Project Manager BMW R 1300 GS Jochen Beck put it: “Another thing we wanted to achieve with the new BMW R 1300 GS was to stop the trend of getting bigger and bigger, and, in fact, we managed to reverse this trend. Our team achieved a significant reduction in weight and dimensions, resulting in an extremely focused and lean GS. The bike’s engineering is packaged as compactly as possible using innovative design and manufacturing methods.”

The new main frame is steel sheet metal with a cast-aluminum bolt-on subframe. The new subframe adds lightweight strength to the chassis, and is replaceable should it be damaged in a mishap. The rear of the new GS is much slimmer, and the sheet metal frame gives the main chassis a sleeker look.

The Evo Telelever front suspension system is an all-new design. The Telelever design continues to evolve. This latest iteration combines attributes of two previous variants. The handlebar is isolated from the suspension via a complex array of bearings, so the rider doesn’t feel the inherent tilting that occurs as the Telelever moves through its 7.5 inches of wheel travel. Additionally, flex is built into the naturally rigid system to reduce rider fatigue. However, according to BMW, steering retains a natural feel and a high level of precision. Also, rake has increased 1.5 degrees, and there’s 0.4 more inches of trail. However, our experience is that you can’t judge the handling of BMWs by looking at the spec sheet—some magic is in the air.

The 2024 BMW R 1300 GS also has a new Evo Paralever rear suspension. The swingarm is longer and stiffer than the previous version, though the travel is unchanged at 7.9 inches. Also, the new swingarm’s bearing is off-axis to the rotation of the shaft joint.

The new optional semi-active suspension includes continuous damping and spring adjustments at each end. The computer accounts for conditions and the ride model selected by the rider to optimize suspension action.

Adaptive ride height is a further option. This system drops the seat height 1.2 inches to 32.3 inches when the 2024 BMW R 1300 GS stops or is moving slowly. According to BMW, the ride height changes quickly, and the rider is unlikely to detect the movement. Riders also have the option to run the suspension in the low position or high position.

Another suspension option is Sports suspension. This adds 0.8 inches of firmer travel at each end and is designed for the most aggressive off-pavement riders.

The 2024 BMW R 1300 GS offers access to a new optional radar-driven electronics package, which is dubbed Riding Assistant. Riding Assistant includes Active Cruise Control, Lane Change Warning, and Front Collision Warning. The cruise control uses radar to monitor any vehicles ahead of the GS, and adjusts the speed appropriately. The Lane Change Warning lets the rider know via a light in the rearview mirror if the lane the rider is moving into is occupied. The Front Collision Warning engages braking automatically to avoid rear-ending a vehicle in front of the GS.

An all-new braking system is standard on the new R 1300 GS. The front discs are 5mm larger in diameter, now measuring 310mm across. New radially mounted four-piston calipers work on the discs. The rear disc’s diameter is up 9mm. Braking is fully linked—front and rear braking is applied when you actuate the hand lever or foot pedal. Also, when actuating the brakes, the throttle automatically shuts off and engine compression braking reduced. The ABS system is optimized for each riding mode.

All these electronics are managed through a 6.5-inch TFT screen and the BMW Motorrad Multi-Controller wheel. Your smartphone can pair with the dash via Bluetooth, though to get full functionality, you’ll have to put the free BMW Motorrad Connected App for iOS or Android on your device. To keep your smartphone’s battery topped off, there’s a charging compartment with a powered USB-A port. The dash has switchable displays—standard and Sport—to let the rider select the delivery of information. GPS, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto are not part of the feature mix.

In addition to the standard 2024 BMW R 1300 GS, there are three variants—Triple Black, GS Trophy, and Option 719 Tramuntana. The Triple Black adds an electronically adjustable tall windshield, luggage rack, Comfort seat, Comfort passenger footrests, centerstand, and lots of black finishes. The GS Trophy has a taller seat, Sport passenger seat, radiator guards, wire-spoked wheels (black or optional gold), and Racing Blue Metallic paint with a White Metallic Matte subframe. Option 719 Tramuntana ups the finish quality with colors like Aurelius Green Metallic, Luxor Black, and Avus Black Metallic Matte, with many color-compatible options available.

Here are standard features on the 2024 BMW R 1300 GS we haven’t mentioned:

  • Metzeler Karoo 4 tires.
  • Heated grips.
  • Keyless ride (steering, ignition, and fuel tank lock).
  • Tire pressure monitoring.
  • Hill-hold control.
  • Matrix LED headlight.
  • Free Ultimate Care break-in service.

As always, BMW loves to create Packages, and there are three on offer:

Premium Package

Riding Modes Pro, Dynamic Suspension Adjustment, Riding Assistant, Shift Assistant Pro, Sport Brakes, Central Locking, Headlight Pro, chrome-plated exhaust manifold, Vario side and top case mounts, hand protector extensions, and navigation prep.

Comfort Package

Electrically adjustable high windshield, centerstand, Comfort passenger seat, comfort passenger footrests, and luggage carrier.

Enduro Package Pro

Engine protection bars, large frame guards, enduro aluminum engine guard, handlebar risers, short enduro handlebar levers, GS adjustable rider footrests, exhaust mount for single seat, adjustable foot controls, and tight-fitting turn signal stalks.

A long list of individual accessories is available for the 2024 BMW R 1300 GS. Highlights include various luggage cases, a titanium muffler, an alarm system, Sport windshield, cylinder head cover guards, and a luggage plate for the passenger seat. Also, the accessories in the Packages are generally available a la carte.

The list price for the standard 2024 BMW R 1300 GS is $18,895. Be patient—dealers won’t have them until the calendar clicks over to 2024. However, we will have a test of the new GS in a month or so.

2024 BMW R 1300 GS Specs


  • Type: Horizontally opposed twin
  • Displacement: 1300cc
  • Bore x stroke: 106.5 x 79mm
  • Maximum power: 145 horsepower @ 7750 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 105 ft-lbs @ 6500 rpm
  • Compression ratio: 13.3:1
  • Fueling: EFI w/ 52mm throttle body
  • Valvetrain: DOHC w/ dual profile cams; 4vpc
  • Cooling: Liquid and air
  • Transmission: Constant-mesh 6-speed w/ optional quickshifter
  • Clutch: Hydraulically actuated wet multiplate w/ slipper function
  • Final drive: Shaft


  • Frame: Two-section steel sheet metal w/ bolt-on subframe
  • Front suspension; travel: BMW Evo Telelever 37mm fork w/ central spring strut; 7.5 inches
  • Rear suspension; travel: BMW Evo Paralever and WAD strut w/ shock; 7.9 inches
  • Wheels: Cast aluminum (wire-spoke and forged aluminum optional)
  • Front wheel: 19 x 3.00
  • Rear wheel: 17 x 4.50
  • Tires: Metzeler Karoo 4
  • Front tire: 120/70 x 19
  • Rear tire: 170/60 x 17
  • Front brakes: 310mm discs w/ radially mounted 4-piston calipers
  • Rear brake: 285mm disc w/ dual-piston floating caliper
  • ABS: BMW Motorrad ABS Pro


  • Wheelbase: 59.8 inches
  • Rake: 27.2 degrees
  • Trail: 4.4 inches
  • Seat height: 33.5 inches
  • Fuel capacity: 5.0 gallons
  • Curb weight: 523 pounds

2024 BMW R 1300 GS Price: $18,895 MSRP

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